Monday, May 04, 2009

Inner Workings of The mind OR is it?


There are times that I feel rather at odds with myself & even very much alone.. Darn it, But I continue to Blog on sporadic occasions... Not knowing if anyone even reads the contents & indeed the ramblings of a mad man....

There are familiar feelings in relation to the inner mind & how Bi-Polar effects daily living.. The moments where I sit & ask myself "Does anyone actually Listen to me"... To me there are two forms at work here... 1: The act of Listening... BUT yet not really hearing what is being said.. & 2: Is the act of Listening & thus Hearing what is being said...

These are mere rambling of mine as there are moments when one's mind becomes over whelmed with meaningless thoughts that thus adds pressure on how my daily thoughts & actions are carried out... These are the simple things that cause stress where it cannot be taken.. Having said this,

Until Next Time...

Saturday, May 02, 2009


What a terrible spell it has been.. The website struggling to get back to growth following accidents, attacks & hackings... But worse for me was the lack of a PC... Just mere weeks following the expiration of warrenty of my pc's mother board, the old lady PC decided enough was enough.. Therefore weeks later & the odd night struggling on laptops I am back where I am most comphy...

But whose bright idea decided to place keys so compact on Laptops & even the old reliable Mobile phone... For most folks this would be nothing to think about.. But with a disability that has one with trembling hands like someone following a heavy nights boozing.... That is the hard one to take... Boozing I cannot do & I do often wish that it were only that... But imagine myself serving coffees..... Shaken & not stirred they would be..... A slight touch of James Bond in Serving of coffees..

On the battle front in regard to my Bi-polar I at times experience a low point & at same point a form of rebelliousness at points of change of routines about me... The most comfy thing for us with bi-polar I feel is a set routine But some say that change is good... But here on the battle ground it has casualties....

Here's to hoping next time is not so far away!

Patman Out.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Patman's Back???


Following an extended stay, even one could call it a vacation away from the Blogging World, I have decided to make a return.... I was forced to make a decision and take this vacation because my posts were continuously becoming bitter, twisted and any other negative term one could place there... This was and is not what I hoped for my blogging time.. But rather that of one which I hope would be adhered to by myself even more now...

But what could one expect from Bi-Polar Disorder, but merely mood swings, outbursts that would appear to others as insanity... But Check Call for all here, Bi-Polar Disorder is a Medical Condition, but one that effects how the Brain opperates as it were... It is NOT and I repeat NOT a Disease which folks should shun.

But now, if you could, mix, Bi-Polar Disorder, Bereavement of The Loss of a Child forever loved and missed along with A Christian Faith that is so important in this life.. Therefore the posts that will & could apppear here, should promise to be colourful ones where I intend to use This Blogging World as my Psycriatrist, Councellor etc.. Besides, Folks here would be far more receptive & understanding that the Morons whom I've met with ver the years that bear the Title of Psyciatrist or Councellor etc...

Excise the typos, spellings etc... But all will soon be known for folks why this is.

Patman is Out

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